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Imperia Online Battle Royale

- Start on 13.01.2023 (Friday) at 10:00 a.m. server time [GMT+2].
- Free registration.

General Terms & Conditions:

- Only accounts at level 20 or more for version 6 and more than 500 net worth points and registered at least one week before the tournament for version 5 are eligible to participate; Imperia Online employees are barred from participation.

Rules of the tournament

- Game speed of Empires’ development - Mega Blitz (x10).
- All players start with 1 million of each resource and bonus items.
- Attacks between players are allowed.
- Players attack max net points range is х10.
- Espionage between players is allowed.
- Players are seeded randomly on the Global Map, but each one of them is 500 IM from the others by default, when time is calculated for each attack.
- When a player is under attack from another player the standard rules concerning locking attacks will apply.
- The maximum count of provinces each player can have is 9: the Capital + 8 Annexed Provinces; players are not allowed to annex or take vassals outside of their exclusive zone.
- The army upkeep will vary depending on the percent that the army represents from the total networth of the player.
- No Tutorial.
- No Remote Holdings (Colonies, Trade Posts, Military Posts).
- No Special Resources.
- No Alliances.
- No Castles.
- No Rally Points.
- No Vacation Mode.
- No Incognito Mode
- No Babysitting
- No Holiday Protection.
- No Warrior of the day medal.
- No Achievements.
- No Global events.
- No Tournaments.
- No Temple subscription.
- No Wars.
- No Independent Cities.
- No Barbarian Camps.
- No Daily Quests.
- Market prices will be fixed by their base equivalent and will not change during the whole season. Only an option for resource exchange will be available (even while under attack). There is fixed market commission - 15% (fifteen).
- Players will be able to select governments for their empires, but the following modifiers will not be active: Barbarism - 50% more resources from barbarian chests; Feudalism - Free of charge repair of fortresses in provinces; Monarchy - 3 growth points after an attack on an independent city; Imperialism - 75% cheaper colony foundation, No loss of Happiness due to remote holdings, 10% higher colony efficiency, 100 Imperial Miles logistics bonus, 100% bigger impact of all special resources except for Yew, Coal, Horseshoe, Granite and Diamonds.
- The tournament gametime is divided into 30 Rounds. Each Round is divided into Wartime and Peacetime. Each Round’s duration is 20 hours. Wartime’s duration is 8 hours, Peacetime is 12 hours. The tournament will start in Peacetime.

Peacetime Conditions

- Attacks between players are forbidden.
- If an attack is sent during Wartime, it will not happen, if Peacetime is already in effect, when it hits; the attacker’s army will be automatically returned to the Capital.
- If a province, from which an attacking army is sent, is destroyed, the army will be returned to the Capital, while Peacetime is already in effect.

Wartime Conditions

- Attacks between players are allowed.
- Minimum attack time is 10 mins.
- The attacking army is visible 30 mins. before it hits (15 mins. during Foggy Weather).

Province Destruction

- If a player’s province is successfully sieged, its Fortress drops a level. All Garrison troops are put on the field.
- Each dropped Fortress level Empire-wide increases the resource and time costs of any Fortress to be rebuilt by 1%.
Example: A player has 9 provinces. All Fortresses in the 8 provinces have been droped by a level to 4. The Fortress in the Capital has been dropped from level 6 to 4. If the player wants to build his Capital Fortress to level 5 again, he will have to pay 10% more resources and the building time will be 10% longer.
- When the Fortress becomes level 0, the respective province is lost.
- All province resources, population and training armies are also lost. Deployed field army is automatically relocated to the Capital and the province Governor is relieved from his post.
- Lost province can be annexed again, but its development will be reset.

Player Annihilation

- If the Fortress level in the player’s Capital becomes 0, the player is considered annihilated.
- His Ranking position will be greyed out.
- His account becomes inactive in the Tournament.
- The attacker, which performed the battle leading to annihilation, will be awarded with 10 kill points.
- A lockscreen will be displayed, showing the annihilated player’s final Ranking position.
- If the annihilated player has sent an attack before his annihilation, the attack will hit and then the remaining army will disappear.
- Abandoned Empires cannot be damaged or annihilated, therefore they will not grant kill points to their attackers. An Empire becomes abandoned after 36 hours of inactivity.
- Players will not be able to annihilate other players in the first 14 Rounds. Fortresses levels can be dropped to 0, but neither provinces, nor capitals will be lost.

Player Elimination Rules

- Each Round from 5th until the end the system will automatically eliminate players, depending on their Ranking position.
- The players will know the eliminated positions for each Round ahead from the tournament’s start.
- The system will eliminate players in each Round 4 hours after the Peacetime’s start.
- All player accounts will be automatically locked 2 mins. before the elimination phase starts.


- All players start with 10,000 base points.

The formula that will determine their place in the Rankings for each Round and in the System Elimination is based on the Player’s Base Points, Net Points and Military Points, as well as a new factor called Kill Points.
Each destroyed province counts for 1 kill point, and the destroyed capital counts for 10 kill points.
The ranking is formed as follows:
- Player Net Points are compared to the average Net Points of all surviving players in the particular round;
- The player’s War Points are compared to the average War Points of all surviving players in the particular round;
- Player Kill Points are compared to the average Kill Points of all surviving players in the particular round;
- Those 3 coefficients are summed up and the sum is multiplied by the Base points (10,000);
- The calculation is done independently for each round and the points from the previous round do not get added.
- Each Round the current Ranking will be divided into 3 zones - Safe, Threatened and Eliminated.
• Safe zone means that currently the player’s Ranking position is high enough and he will not be eliminated by the system next Round.
• Threatened means that for the moment the player’s Ranking position is not high enough and he will be eliminated by the system next Round, unless he climbs into the Safe zone during the current Round.
• Eliminated is the zone, where all the annihilated/eliminated players in the previous Rounds are.
- After Round 30 the player, who is ranked 1st, will be the Sole Survivor and the tournament’s champion.
- The Ranking of the eliminated/annihilated players meets the following criteria by priority:
• Round number - A player eliminated in an earlier round will rank lower compared to a player eliminated in a latter round.
• Type of elimination - A player eliminated by system will rank lower compared to a player annihilated by another player, except in the last round, when a player annihilated by another player will rank lower compared to a player eliminated by system.
• Their points and their ranking position.


- Players at the top 3 places will receive the biggest rewards of the tournament - medals and diamonds. Diamond rewards are distributed as follows: 1st place - 2 125 000 expiring diamonds, 2nd place - 1 275 000 expiring diamonds, 3rd place - 850 000 expiring diamonds.
- Players ranking in the next 50 places after top 3 will receive vouchers for 85 000 expiring diamonds each.
- Special medals will be for extraordinary achievements during the tournament:

*Sole Survivor, 3000 Hall of Fame points - The last player standing and the tournament winner
*Silver Sword, 2000 Hall of Fame points - The player ranked 2nd in the Rankings
*Bronze Sword, 1000 Hall of Fame points - The player ranked 3rd in the Rankings
*Slayer, 900 Hall of Fame points - The player with the most annihilated players
*Silver Slayer, 800 Hall of Fame points - The player with the second most annihilated players
*Bronze Slayer, 700 Hall of Fame points - The player with the third most annihilated players
*Devastator, 600 Hall of Fame points - The player with the most destroyed enemy provinces
*Ruiner, 500 Hall of Fame points - The player with the most destroyed provinces in one Round
*Bloodletter, 500 Hall of Fame points - The player with the first kill point in the tournament
*Rusher, 400 Hall of Fame points - The player with the first destroyed enemy province in the tournament
*Invincible, 600 Hall of Fame points - The player/s who didn’t lose any province until and including Round 19
*Survivor Candidate, 100 Hall of Fame points - All the players who successfully passed the first system elimination

*The Imperia Online Team reserves its right to change the rules of the tournament at any time without prior notification or explanation to the participants.